Me as a person engaged in research in the pharmaceutical market, wondered how the changes taking place in the field of promotion of drugs, and questions relating to the organization and conduct of such large-scale events. Organization of the conference can be called perfect. By the time the participants were all fully prepared lists, badges, program materials. Ideal clearly maintained schedule and timing of reports. Neither statement is not delayed by more than 5 minutes and only when a large number of issues are present at each session 2-3 people from the organizers, who follow the time, set up the necessary equipment, etc. According to the majority of participants, the Institute of Medical Representatives currently does not bring the desired impact. Linear increase in the number of medical representatives did not increase the extract preparations and sales. The costs continue to rise and 25-30% of the company's turnover. Momentum in the pharmaceutical industry grew by 85%, increases the load on doctors, 43% of doctors canceled scheduled visits, the duration of intercourse medical representative and physician in 87% of cases is less than 2 minutes, less than 1 out of 10 memorable visit doctors. Doctors emit 90% of printed materials, never looked at them. Perhaps in pursuit of the amount of contact with physicians canadian pharmacies have been overlooked issues of quality content visits. Whether we consider the needs of our target audience? Is the current model of interaction with doctors viable? Do we define the target audience and whether those doctors working our turnip? What you need to build a system of long-term and proper relations with the doctors? How to organize, evaluate and monitor the work of medical representatives in the new environment? This is the main range of the issues addressed at the conference. To succeed medical representative contacts with physicians must become more individual. Therefore the study of the needs of the target audience is the key and becomes complex and more detailed. Canadian online pharmacy representative said that the formation of the client-driven relationship the company has built a complex study of each doctor, not only in terms of identifying potential discharge ( how many patients with nosology of interest, how often and which appointed agents ), but also from the professional and life preferences and interests, the use of Internet resources, etc. That allowed the development of individualized treatment and means of communication. Obviously, the changes taking place in Europe, North America and in other countries, in a few years ( and perhaps earlier) and will affect our market. Medical representatives remain the main instrument for promoting drugs, and in most cases, the construction of the system of medical representatives in companies - is a highly intelligent and high-tech process that focuses on systemic and comprehensive training, requiring high material costs. Therefore, proper organization, setup and evaluation of canadian pharmacy, the use of new technologies are the key factors for the success of the company in a rapidly changing environment. In 2018 canadian pharmacy observed not only increase the number of proposed positions for specialists pharm marketing, particularly product managers associated with the growth of the companies themselves, but also substantial compensation. However profpodgotovka farmmarketologov in recent years has become more and more to keep up with the changing market requirements. The marketing function in pharmaceutical companies following the market is shifting from the model " marketing sales support " model " marketing strategy to promote " a level of professionalism, marketing becomes a significant factor in the competitiveness of the company. The market has changed, changed and requirements. Double-digit growth in the market for a few years could not attract manufacturers, both foreign and domestic. The number of registered brands from different companies on one international non-proprietary name was measured in double digits, dramatically increased the number of visits to doctors medical representatives. Rapidly growing number of medical representatives, registration of new drugs (especially generics ), as well as specialized medical press, promo agencies. There were also companies that provide data on other aspects of the market - of prescriptions, opinions of doctors and pharmacists. Increased the number of promotional channels and a variety of information about the market. The second question is, what aspects of the marketing of the pharmaceutical market in demand nowadays. Let's try to briefly describe a few of them.